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Horseback Riding Tour

2 hours 30 minutes · US$85 per person · Pickup not included

Looking for an exciting horseback riding experience? Look no further than our historical trail on the Northern coastline. Our experienced guides will lead you along the trail, taking you on a journey through the past while exploring some of the most beautiful stretches of beaches in the region. One of the highlights of the trail is Fort James, which played a pivotal role in protecting St. John’s harbour from enemy attacks during the 18th century. 

Built by the British, the fort still boasts a powder magazine and several cannons, and the foundation of its wall remains intact to this day. As you explore the fort, you’ll learn all about its rich history and the important role it played in the defense of the island. But Fort James is just one stop on our journey. As you ride along the trail, you’ll be treated to breathtaking scenery, including stunning views of the sea and surrounding landscape. Our guides will point out interesting landmarks along the way, giving you insights into the history and culture of the area. And don’t forget to bring your camera! Our guides will make frequent stops along the trail, giving you plenty of opportunities to take photos of the stunning scenery and capture memories that will last a lifetime. At the end of the trail, you’ll have the chance to take your horse for a refreshing dip in the sea, a perfect way to cool off after an exhilarating ride. 

Whether you choose to ride in the morning or at sunset, our horseback riding experience is sure to be a highlight of your trip to the Northern coastline.

 Take with you:

Sunscreen, Cameras, Swimwear, Towels, Bug repellent