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Giving Back

Ask Iba Tours and Services is partnering with some of Antigua and Barbuda’s volunteering and charity groups to help bring about awareness and raise donations for stray animals and the preservation of our ecosystems and marine wildlife.  We have hand-selected a few institutions to do just that. Five(5%) percent of our profits will be donated on a monthly basis to one of the below-mentioned charities.  You will also have the opportunity to personally donate to any of these charities mentioned by clicking on the link provided for each one.

ABSea Turtles

I have always had a fascination with tortoises and sea turtles growing up and was also fortunate to have had a pet turtle at one point. My first actual encounter with a sea turtle was roughly 16 years ago, and the experience had left me even more intrigued. A. B. sea turtles awareness organization (ABSTA) works tirelessly to ensure the preservation of our sea turtles and ensure that the environment where they are frequently laying or hatching is safe and to their liking. All this work to save and preserve the sea turtles is done by volunteers and funded only by donations. Ask Iba Tours & Services has teamed up with the ABSTA to help to bring about awareness and help to educate the general public about the importance of protecting these majestic creatures.  You can also join this cause by clicking on the button below to donate, volunteer, or just learn about the program and what they are currently doing to help the sea turtles.


Paaws have been doing a good job rehabilitating the stray dogs and cats on the island and are dedicated to ensuring that they are found good homes for adoption. This organization operates mainly on the goodwill of donations and voluntary work. That is why Ask Iba Tours & Services have decided to team up with Paaws to help bring about awareness and encourage the general public to donate and volunteer as much as they can.  Click the button below for more information on how to donate or get in touch.