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Kite Surfing

#1 on the island for kitesurfing lessons and rentals

Price Varies · Duration Varies

Get kitesurfing lessons from instructors with over 10 years of experience, at the best teaching location on the island. The friendly instructors are always ready to provide you with a safe and fun learning experience. Kitesurfing is done on the beautiful Jabberwock Beach, on the North-East corner of Antigua. The warm Trade Winds blow there during December through August and Kitesurfing is always available as long as the breeze is blowing. The beach is over a quarter-mile long with a gentle curve and side-on wind conditions that offer a safe cove for learners and some ‘bump and jump’ conditions further upwind for the more experienced riders. With lots of beach space for practicing the ever-important skills of rigging, launching, and landing your kites, Jabberwock Beach is the safest and most comfortable beach on the island to learn to kite, so book now with us we’d be happy to introduce you to this wonderful new sport 🙂

Prices are:

  • Beginners: Private $370.00us
  • Beginners: Double $300.00us each
  • Clinic: Private $805.00us
  • Clinic: Doubles $635.00us each